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All-on-4 Dental Implants in Brooklyn

At Brighton Oral Surgeon, our commitment to ensuring each and every one of our patients is given the highest quality dental care is always our top priority. We understand that visiting the dentist may not be easy for some, and incredibly stressful for others, but thanks to our revolutionary and minimally invasive dental treatments, a trip to Brighton Oral Surgeon is always worry free. We strive to provide each of our patients with efficient and cost-effective dental treatments best suited for them! One of our best and most revolutionary dental treatments is the All-on-4 procedure (teeth on the same day). If you think this option is suited for you, keep reading or contact us for more information!

Same Day Teeth: The Process


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On the day of your consultation, you will discuss the best treatment for you, and your medical issues, with your oral surgeon. A CT scan will be performed, and an appointment for your surgery will be scheduled.

Day of Surgery

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Implants will be placed on the day of the surgery. Sedation is available if you feel that it is best for you.

Healing Time

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When the surgery is finished, you will stgart your restoration by taking an impression and your new teeth will be fabricated.

Get your smile

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Your dream smile will be delivered. Enjoy your life with your bright and beautiful new smile!

Why Choose Brighton Oral Surgeons Implant Services?

With years of experience, Dr. Paul Li is the best choice for anyone looking to get a bright and beautiful new smile.

Dr. Paul Li, Medical Doctor and Doctor of Dental Surgery, has taken on countless implantology cases around New York, including Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, and Brooklyn.

Brighton Oral Surgeon has the most advanced technology, used to provide the best possible care for each and every one of our patients. Our revolutionary surgical equipment will allow you to have the best smile you deserve. Don't waste time, get your dream smile today!

Brighton Oral Surgeon

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provide life time warranty for implants

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Best Cost for incredible quality

Get your smile back for a fixed price of $14900.

- TX planing
- Hi Tech CT Scan
- Implant Surgery
- Prostetic restoration

Get your smile today!


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